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    The group of Il-2T attack aircraft almost touched the scalp of the Japanese army at low altitude, then pulled up and appeared above the 4th Armored Cavalry Regiment. Before they could protest, a A large group of fighter planes also covered with five red stars rushed towards them. This is Chujiao-7, or modified version. In fact, after the magical reform, the CJ-7 can no longer be called a training aircraft, it is an excellent fighter. At Xue Jianqiang's strong request, Hong Du replaced the Chujiao-7 with larger fuel tanks and more advanced engines, helping the Chujiao-7's combat radius reach 400 km. version. At the same time, the installation capacity has also been greatly improved. While equipped with two machine guns and 300 rounds of ammunition, it can also carry 800 kg bombs or six rocket launchers, which greatly increases its attack capacity. ground work. After magical reform, Chujiao-7 can be called an all-round aircraft on the battlefield. In terms of air combat, it is absolutely not afraid of zero combat, in terms of ground bombing, it is better than most all attack aircraft and tactical bombers in the 1940s. For a relatively long time, he was the reliable right arm of the ground troops. There are 24 Chujiao-7s in this batch. Each fuselage was painted with more or less five red stars. Each red five star represents a failed result. The fuselage had at most twelve red five-stars spray-painted on it, which also meant that twelve Japanese fighters were torn apart by its machine guns. Now, these twenty-four silver warhawks were rushing straight towards the group of Il-2T attack aircraft without fear, their movements were wild and aggressive, revealing an unstoppable momentum, Soviet pilots had no doubt: If they did not change course, these silver warhawks would rush towards them until they collided with them!

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    Beloborodov said hesitantly: "Three hundred? Any Soviet army would have more than this!"

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    After learning that Army Group C was moving toward the Ruhr Industrial Park, the Allied Command was extremely disturbed. Allied generals were somewhat apprehensive about this powerful force that taught the Allies unforgettable lessons on the battlefields of Italy, in just one month, most of the British Eighth Army and the Chinese Fifth Army. Ky was herded into prison camps, the rest In Sicily, with such a well-equipped and high-morale elite team, there would be no general ready for a direct confrontation. After learning that Army Group C had returned to the German mainland, Churchill and Roosevelt constantly urged the Soviet army to launch an attack, intending to let the Soviet army touch this elite division, but the Soviet army The Soviet Union still maintained its stance. Army Group C heads straight for the coming Rhine, and they will strangle them to death! General Eisenhower and General Bradley couldn't help but get angry, shouting: "What the hell are the Soviets doing? Why aren't they moving? Don't they have to wait until we're all dead before they're ready to attack! "

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    The SU-100 crew members were under a lot of pressure, a series of generals stood by and watched, if they didn't fight well, they would suffer! The gunner took several deep breaths in succession, stabilized his mind, aimed, put the Type 80 into the scope, and ordered: "Fire with the homing bullet!"

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "Yes, this is also the customer's request. Our country's oil refining technology is first-class, and my customer has a huge demand for fuel oil. I took a batch of crude oil Is it illegal to refine oil?" ?Purchase!"

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    At this moment, everyone's faces changed. The US-China Joint Air Force is Japan's confidant. To date, more than half of the bombing of mainland Japan has been carried out by the US-China Joint Air Force, by because the US military has yet to have an ideal platform in the Pacific Ocean for their power US bombers take off and land. After bombing Japan, US bombers flew to China, landed at a Chinese air base, and flew to bomb Japan again when they saw an opportunity. In general, the current US Air Force bombing force on the Japanese mainland is not very strong, each bombing comes at a high price, the most important thing is that those strategic bombers cannot have enough fuel and ammunition in China, so they wanted to launch a very difficult bombing raid. But now that China has enough fuel supply capacity to the United States, the US military's bombing of the Japanese mainland must be strongly increased, I am afraid that Japan's life will become more and more difficult !

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    As they returned to a carriage, there was a voice in front of them, speaking English, but neither British nor American, and sounding awkward: "Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! Come and see and see, a big tear-jerking sale! World-class weapons and equipment, rifles, submachine guns, tanks and armored vehicles are all available, drugs and supplies are all available, good prices, and children are not fooled! 998, 998 , as long as 998 you can Buy world-class weapons and equipment! If you can't buy 998, you will lose money, and if you Buy 998, you won't be fooled. Just 998, you can take home a cute weapon!”

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    “By the way, what's up with this beautiful fighter plane?” Just as Field Marshal Kesselring was about to fall asleep, the head of state finally mentioned business.

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    It was as if a large grenade exploded twenty meters away, the floor shook violently, orange flames rushed along the walkway and continued ten meters away, whoever was licked would have bad luck. After receiving such a shot, the machine gun that had stubbornly hindered the team for nearly half an hour immediately fell silent, the commando swung a shot further, the rumble of thunder rang out again, and the fire dragon roared. In the burst of fire, two members of the team quickly rushed forward, jumping over the simple bunker and catching a glimpse of the bodies of the sailors clinging to this passageway that had been torn apart, the surface charred. Awful.

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    After that, no problem at all. If the Jinsui army wanted friction, Mr. Lin could use one hand to rub them on the ground; They are soldiers, and after two days of eating canned meat and fighting in the field, they will not want to return to the original army. Why did you come back? Continue eating "Eight Treasures Rice" cooked with moldy rice and full of mouse feces, sand, bugs and other side dishes? The generals defending Yulin all deeply understood this. The national army defending Yulin could be considered an elite army, but after dealing with the Eighth Route Army for several months... the generals Commanders were surprised to discover that they had become naked Commanders. Run!

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    Molotov gave a half smile: “I will tell the truth to comrade Stalin!” Then no more.

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    Xue Jianqiang smiled bitterly: "Not merely participating in battle! She copied the anti-American armed forces in the Middle East, and froze in front of the mouth of a Japanese regiment stationed in the Lianghuai area, even was the regiment's captain who became her prisoner!"

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    Gangcun Ningci sneered: "Regardless of whether it's the United States or Yan'an, who really keeps an eye on that peanut? Does it? Not cooperating with Yan'an is not because the United States is afraid of peanuts, but cooperating with Yan'an An and I couldn't get more, but now Yan'an has a reliable oil source, which can save the United States' huge human and material resources, and the United States has driven Chongqing out of cooperation with Dien An, but it's just a matter of words!" He bowed heavily to Xiaoji Guozhao, his tone urgent: "Sir, there is no time to prepare and deploy leisurely! We must rush into the Ordos basin and capture the oil fields before American forces entered Yan'an and quickly equipped hundreds of thousands of red troops with American weapons. This is Japan's last chance. Yes! I know that now is not the best time to use troops team against Yan'an, but I really don't have one. Help me convince the base camp and the emperor, please!

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    Xue Jianqiang said: "Yes, this is also the customer's request. Our country's oil refining technology is first-class, and my customer has a huge demand for fuel oil. I took a batch of crude oil Is it illegal to refine oil?" ?Purchase!"

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    Yang Yongfu firmly refused: "No! This is my most precious trophy. Even if my father asked me, I would not give it to you, let alone you!"

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    In addition, the German army also applied the tactics of combat engineers to street fighting. They recruited a number of brave and steadfast soldiers with extraordinary physical strength, hanging on their chests a durable steel plate. to resist rifle bullets as the vanguard of the entire army. army, and launched a surprise attack on the US military under cover of darkness. . These brave warriors who can attack under a hail of bullets always give the US army great fear every time, attracting most of the firepower and attention of the US army, and then the main force advances from The defensive link is weak, and the three teams sweep horizontally into a fan shape. On the battlefield, chickens and dogs do not stay anywhere, and where they sweep through, it is difficult for people to stand. American soldiers angrily complained to their superiors: “What nonsense are we holding in our hands! If you can't suppress it, you can't suppress it. If you can't suppress it, you can't suppress it. damn!" The above includes the M1919A6 light machine gun, the Thomson submachine gun and the M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle. The M1 semi-automatic rifle is highly accurate but the magazine only has a pitiful eight bullets. about Neither the firepower nor the firepower can compete with the STG-44, not to mention the trash Thomson submachine gun with an effective range of only 50m, but the firing speed but the accuracy is terrible, the damage is incomparable. be with that of STG-44.Going downwind, essentially being defeated by the pressure.

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    Ly Dong Hai was confused: "So what do you want to do?"

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    This move quickly won the hearts of people in Suiyuan and Ningxia provinces towards the border region government. Ordinary people today are very honest, no matter who they are, as long as they can make their lives better, they will risk their lives. But unfortunately the vast majority of people do not see them, they are oppressed, exploited and they are exploited, has anyone ever thought of giving them some rights so they can live better? Now the border region authorities have set a precedent. But this small amount of money could not be spent, they were too poor and lacked everything. Suddenly I had money and saw how many interesting things were missing, then I realized I didn't have much money left in my pocket. Common people, who are honest and sincere, believe that doing such a good deed once is already a blessing from their ancestors, and asking for money again would be embarrassing. They proactively went to meet officials, in Dien An, Truong Thanh or Ngoc Lam to ask for a way to find a job."

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    The war progressed until September of this year, the Soviet-German battlefield was completely determined. From June to September, the Soviet army mobilized 2.4 million troops to launch an unprecedented fierce attack on the German Army Group Center in the direction of Belarus. In this battle, the Soviet army not only suppressing old opponents in terms of troops and equipment, but also restraining their strategies and tactics, whether it is secretly mobilizing troops in the early stages, strategic deception, or choosing a breakthrough path. As well as using new equipment, the Soviet army had the upper hand. During the campaign, the German Army Group was in a passive position. When attacked, not to mention organizing a strong counterattack, even building an effective defense system was extremely difficult, because the army The Soviet Union always broke through from two directions. The equipment and strength of the Central Army Group were only enough to withstand attacks from one direction. When attacking, they could not hold their heads high. In addition to being defeated, they also had What can be done? After three months of bloody fighting, German Army Group Center was exhausted. More than 200,000 German soldiers were killed, wounded and captured. Germany had to continue this hopeless battle without Army Group Center. fighting. The Soviet army all the way ran to the Baltic Sea, took three bottles of sea water from the Baltic Sea and flew back to Moscow——Moscow did not believe that the front-line commanders had seen the Baltic Sea, so they gave this order sounds boring, because the Baltic Sea is one of the most important places in the world, the ocean with the lowest salinity, where the salinity of sea water is so low that it is almost drinkable, impossible to fake. . The front-line commander did as he was told, three bottles of sea water transported by plane back to the Kremlin confirmed that the front-line generals were not boasting, and the Baltic Sea was truly back in arms. of the Soviet Union. However, the United States, Britain and other countries did not believe in the achievements of the Soviet Union and raised many doubts about the achievements of the Soviet army, Stalin responded to those doubts by holding a ceremony parade. Soldiers captured during Operation Bagration Under the escort of Soviet cavalry, the soldiers marched majestically along the streets of central Moscow, showing the Soviet people and the whole world their glorious achievements of the Soviet army. Now the parade has begun.